What should I study to work at Google?

Google is one of the best positioned companies nowadays, which is very popular due to what it offers to society; as well as for the excellent conditions it offers to its employees. For these and many other reasons, a large number of people are interested in applying for a job with Google. So, if this is your case, it is useful that you know what to study to work at Google and other interesting data.

Working at Google: What to study to work as a Google

Working at Google What to study for working at Google
Working at Google What to study for working at Google

Although it is a company focused mainly on the technology sector, Google employs a diverse amount of professionals, specialized in different areas. Therefore, if you still do not know what career to study to work at Google, it is convenient that you have in mind that the options that you will have available are several and among the most important, they stand out:

Programming and Engineering: These are perfect careers to be employed in the industry that develops and designs Google’s tools, programs and new technologies.
– Administration and finance: If you are a professional in these areas you will also be very useful, since as a company Google needs to manage administrative and financial processes.
Marketing and communication: Like any other company, Google needs to sell its products and services; therefore, it is the market analysts and social communicators who usually provide such support.
Industrial Relations: Professionals in this area work perfectly in the Human Resources area, which is fundamental for Google as a company.
Judicial Sciences: On the other hand, lawyers also have a well valued space in Google, since they can provide support in legal cases; solve doubts, provide advice, among others.

Clearly, there are many other careers to study for working at Google, such as design, accounting, among others. It also provides opportunities for those with technical training in SEO, web development, among others. On the other hand, it is important that you take into account that Google is a company that offers many options, this is demonstrated by offering the opportunity to work as a scholarship holder or intern, to students, or people who have not completed their professional training.

How do you know if you can apply?

If you already know that you must study to work at Google, but you still have doubts about whether you can apply as an employee for this company, it is important to keep in mind that this will depend on several factors, among which are
– Country of residence: If you are not in the different countries that have Google installations, it will be more than complicated for you to get a position; although clearly, you can also choose to work for Google online.
– Skills and abilities: Google highly values the abilities of its employees, and selects only those who can bring value to your company. Therefore, to apply you must demonstrate that you have creativity, initiative, sense of innovation, among others.
– Continuous improvement: Google seeks growth, so those who demonstrate an important level of educational training, complement it with their skills and remain in constant improvement, will have a greater opportunity to get a job.

It is well known that Google is highly valued by its employees, so it offers them multiple benefits and advantages. So, it is advisable that you consider it as one of your main options when looking for a job; or if not, you can also bet on the companies that Google has, such as Android, Waze, YouTube, Gmail, among others.

How do I contact Google to apply for jobs?

To work at Google you must submit your resume and proposal just like you would with any other company. In order to carry out this process, you must send your proposal to Google’s applicant platform, which is: https://careers.google.com/. You will only have to describe your profession and your place of residence, then you will be presented with the different vacancies available according to your address and title. In this way, you can select the option of your interest and apply.
You can also contact them through their LinkedIn account, this option is highly recommended, since in that platform you will be able to know which are the vacancies that are available.