Weights or Bodyweight: What is best for you?

Many athletes do not want to miss their daily training at the gym. There are those who prefer the full range of machines that guarantee successful results. And those who prefer the freedom to train anywhere or outdoors, where they only have their own weight. While in the gym the weight is adaptable according to the level of experience, allowing for continuous progress. So, which is better, weights or bodyweight? We will tell you which one.

Weights or Bodyweight – Pros and Cons

As with any aspect of life, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to training. That is why we will show you the following comparison of the pros and cons of training with one’s own body weight:

Weights or Bodyweight What is best for you
Weights or Bodyweight What is best for you

Muscles and company

The body is made up of much more than just muscle mass. The tendons also play a fundamental role during the exercise session, as they are responsible for supporting the skeleton. And that is why weight training can be beneficial, because when you lift high amounts of weight, you strengthen not only your muscles, but also your tendons and bones.


By training with exercises that only require your own body weight, you also exercise your coordination skills. You will notice an improvement in the maneuverability of all daily activities. In addition, these complex self-weight exercises involve deep-seated muscles and exercise large muscle groups.


Working with your own body weight requires a very advanced technique, so it is only partially recommended if you are a beginner or if you have an experienced instructor. To start, you can do a weighting session that does not require such a demanding technique and then work with your own body weight. However, the difficulty of bodyweight exercises is not only a drawback, since you do not train only one muscle group, but recruit several muscles.


With your own body weight you can make great progress in your workouts. With small modifications in the amount of weight, the machines of the gyms offer very punctual training stimuli. In the exercise with the body weight, the intensity increases modifying angles, speed, volume and levers. Especially if you are a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed.


Doing dumbbell exercises gives you more control over your workout progress. The more weight you lift, the better the progress and you can keep an accurate record of it. However, it is not possible to do the same in body weight training, as it is difficult to accurately do the same exercises and compare one workout to another.

Opportunity to Improve

To know which type of training is worse if you weigh or bodyweight, it is important to know which one offers more opportunities to improve. In body weight training, it is said that you have already mastered an exercise if you do it well a certain number of times. But what is the next step? To increase the development of muscle mass it is necessary to increase the intensity, because otherwise you would only be training for resistance. Increasing the intensity of the exercise will always be easier with weights.

Exercising the whole body


The lower body is accustomed to supporting the body’s weight on a daily basis. Therefore, it is more complicated to perform an optimal workout with only your own body weight.

So, which one to choose, do you weigh or bodyweight?

With the exact combination of both training modalities, you can get all the advantages that each one offers you. You can do bodyweight training everywhere and have an effective workout, especially if you are short on time. If you like to work on your own weight you should not give it up. You can compensate for its disadvantages with some occasional weight training.


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