The man who wants to be an alien “The Black Alien Project”

Those who knew Anthony Loffredo did not imagine what he would look like in the future. Six years ago he was definitely not the same.

This Frenchman is making international news because of his claims to be an alien. He is guaranteed attention.

Who is behind this project of wanting to be an alien

The native of Montpellier, in the south of France, is moving away more and more from an earthy aspect, mutilating part of his face so that it gradually takes on the form of an alien, of course, as shown by fiction taken to television or cinema.

In the process, which according to his estimates only takes 21% of execution, Loffredo underwent surgery to remove his nose. His ears had been removed some time before.

It is he who details his progress in his Instagram account, in which he revealed his current state now that he no longer has a nose or ears. But he has gone above and beyond to bring about the change he craves.

After surgery, he now wears a forked tongue, has had his entire body tattooed in black, and has darkened his sclera, as the white membrane in the outer layer of the eye ball is called. To describe it simply, the white part of the eyes.

“The Black Alien Project”: the birth of an alien

A trip to Australia changed everything for the young man, who decided to leave his native France and explore other horizons of life.

The project lasted longer than he expected, but the changes that came with it were decisive and without turning back, according to his story a few years ago, at the beginning of his transformation to the French medium MidiLibre. The bodymod, a trend that is increasingly used, had gained one more follower.

“Since I was a child I have been passionate about mutations and transformations of the body. At the age of 24 I left everything and went to Australia. On my return I decided to start the project of my life, it will never stop”.

The curious thing is that Anthony was convinced of body transformation but through weight lifting. It was an activity that was giving him results, although without the personal satisfaction.

The epiphany came when, as a security guard, he became convinced that he had to travel to find answers.

“I realized that I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to.

Body modification became more than a lifestyle for this young Frenchman. His philosophy is to acquire full freedom through changes that many consider radical, but that he sees as an opportunity to “run after something” that makes sense to him, even if it is not to the liking of most people.


The Black Alien Project
The Black Alien Project


“It is magic. Everyone has their own freedoms. Mine is to have no limits on how my body can mutate,” he said.

But how do you go through life looking like an alien? Loffredo acknowledges that it is not easy to go unnoticed. In fact, it is not his intention.

He discovers “shocked” looks every day, observing every detail of his physique. In a month like October, when Hallowen is in the picture, it doesn’t mean such a dilemma, but her appearance is here to stay and that keeps people away, something that doesn’t seem to affect her.

“I love getting into the skin of a scary character. Many times I sit somewhere and play a role, especially at night, in the dark streets,” he said during his story, clarifying that his goal is not to scare anyone, but to adopt the role of a character.

The work plans of an alien

When a person decides to conquer a job, he uses his best clothes that combine with his personality and what he has to offer professionally.

Anthony Loffredo no longer has the opportunity to combine physique with outfit to impress a potential boss, so he is specializing in body modification. Overall, he knows firsthand what it means.

For the moment, he plans to expand a business that modifies the lives of others who want to change their appearance radically. In addition, he is dedicated to modifying the sclera.

“We open the eye, take out the needle, prick the cornea,” he says coolly. “The ink is injected and remains for life. Sight is a little sensitive,” he finishes. It seems a simple thing from his perspective and that of many who look for it to put color (literally) into the matter.

While 79% of his remaining modification arrives, Anthony is planning a kind of tour of Europe, to capture the reactions of the people in the old continent. It will help him to complement the ones he already collects from his Instagram account, where he doesn’t have millions of followers but the necessary ones to receive a feedback of his transformation: almost 230 thousand.

When the transition is complete, the man who wants to be an alien will write a book with all his experiences. The idea is to be an inspiration for those who want to make a radical change, but do not dare in a world full of canons and prejudices.

and your geek would dare to change something about you, or do you prefer to play video games