Running or Jumping: Which is more effective?

Nowadays, jumping rope is one of the most popular sports. It is not only indicated for boxers who seek to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility, but also for those who follow a training and nutrition program. By jumping the rope, the jumping power is activated and has an effect on the overall physical condition. In today’s article we will tell you which of the two training modalities is more effective, running or jumping rope.
As with running, jumping rope creates a relaxing effect on the body. In addition to strengthening the extremities, it flattens the abdomen and the buttocks become firmer. Therefore, this sport not only helps with resistance and improvement of the cardiovascular system, but also helps you to lose weight and define your body.

Jumping rope is an economical sport

Little equipment or tools are required to jump rope. You should only have good footwear that effectively cushions jumps and protects your joints. Wear comfortable clothing that is adjustable to the body and does not interfere with training; for women, it is essential to use a good sports bra that keeps everything in place and does not create discomfort. The outstanding advantage of jumping rope as opposed to running, is that this activity does not depend on the weather, just a space to carry it out. Jumping the rope does not require further preparation, just take the jump rope and start immediately.
Taking all this into account, jumping rope is the ideal exercise to burn calories. In several comparisons it was possible to conclude that the burning of calories after ten minutes of training is equivalent to half an hour of running. Unlike running, jumping rope does not require you to leave your home, so it is easier to get up and take the initiative to do so, especially if you have little free time to exercise.

Running or Jumping
Running or Jumping

Start with interval training

time between each one, that is, one minute of jump and one minute of rest. Afterwards, the jumps can be increased to 90 seconds and the number of repetitions can be increased.
Once you have successfully completed these first few workouts, you will have the opportunity to modify the frequency or play with some techniques, such as jumping with one leg or crossing the ropes at the front. Training intensively is good exercise, but there are some risks to be aware of. Depending on the height and intensity of the jump, the ankles and feet are subjected to very strong pressure. This can cause some problems if the body weight is very high. Thin people and children can do them without shoes, but if you are a high weight, it is mandatory to wear appropriate footwear for this activity. Otherwise, joints and cartilage could be compromised.
Weight is also a factor to take into account when running, since the joints of the feet are subjected to stress. However, moderate running is highly recommended as it helps to lower stress levels.
Running in nature activates happiness hormones, producing a state of happiness and longer, more pleasant nights of sleep. You can also run everywhere, visit different parks or routes, practice with friends, etc. It does not require expensive equipment, but you should invest in special running shoes that cushion your footprints.
Running or jumping rope on a regular basis, improves performance and physical capacity. By running the body receives more oxygen. Good blood circulation helps improve concentration and therefore helps in the performance of other disciplines. Both sports strengthen the immune system.