Rock songs with good drum sound (11 Song)

We always characterize hard rock and heavy metal as a music based on guitars, and it is true, but it is also a percussive music, with characteristic rhythmic patterns. And behind that, there is always a drummer. The minimalism of some proposals does not forget them; there we have The White Stripes as a recent example (we can include The Black Keys or Royal Blood, among others). Today we want to highlight several of our favorite pega-patches, and we add some surprises, rescuing songs with a drum solo inside. A small and jovial selection to, as always, hit play and enjoy.

Good drum sound and good rock

Rock songs with good drum sound
Rock songs with good drum sound

A unique sound – Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick

One of the most legendary on the list. Instrumental where John Bonham looks, with his colleagues and only from the first minute. He was part of the essential Led Zeppelin II (1969).

The power of the battery – Chicken Shack – Telling your fortune

The power of the drums in Chicken Shack is beyond question, and Paul Hancox’s work in Imagination Lady (1972) is overwhelming. This eleven+ minute cut marks an extensive sample solo.

Golden Earring – Radar love

Few songs with a drum solo are as popular with the general public as this one, although in the single version they cut out the instrumental part. It reached the 13th position in the United States and it was placed in the top of several European countries in 1973. It appeared in the album Moontan of the same year. The person responsible for this percussive jewel is called Cesar Zuiderwijk, who handles the rhythm beautifully and makes two small solo passages.

The good drum sound of Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana’s debut back in 1969 ended with this barbaric song. The percussive work of Mike Shrive and Dave Brown is amazing, highlighting the intro and that solo that begins in 1:30 min.

The drum machine : Asia – Wildest dream

Another machine of the instrument, Carl Palmer, marks a great work in the debut of Asia (1982). This song opened the B side of the album and I think it’s one of Palmer’s best in the band, with a small solo included in the minute 04:00

A good drum sound in rock melody – The Smashing Pumpkins – Tibute to Johnny

It is strange to hear songs with a drum solo in groups without a “mythical” drummer. Jimmy Chamberlin scores one on this very seventies-sounding instrumental that The Smashing Pumpkins recorded during the sessions of their huge Mellon Collie and the infinity sadness (1995). He appeared with the single Zero and on the box The aeroplane files high the following year.

Music with good drum sound is undoubtedly – Queen – Dragon attack

The work behind Roger Taylor’s patches is never valued enough. He shows his magic in this cut from the album The Game (1980) where he marks the song from beginning to end, doing a little solo in the 1:40 min

Cream – Toad : rock a little stronger

Another magnificent pioneer of hardened rock, Ginger Baker, could not be missed. She composed this instrumental, basically a drum solo with guitar arrangements, to show off in Fresh Cream (1966). An outrage that extended more than ten minutes live.

Good drum and guitar sound – The Who – My generation

Another favorite for these screens, Keith Moon, was already doing his thing in the early days of The Who. In 1965 they reached second place in sales with My generation, a very percussive song (even in its guitar pattern and voice) that included a final section where Moon scores an explosive solo (2:20) that continues in the final coda.

Good drum sound, but in excess – Iron Butterfly – In-a-gadda-da-vida

This song has everything and in excess. Iconic of the experimentation of the first years of hard rock, with that psychedelic stink, the more than seventeen minutes of this song give for everything. The vocal part is heard at the beginning and at the end (a shorter version was released as a single), and the rest is a long instrumental where Ron Bushy records a powerful solo (starting at 6:30).

If we talk about good sound we can’t forget – Deep Purple – The mule

Impossible not to include Ian Paice. Of all his stellar contributions, I am left, oh, surprise, with this barbarity that sounded in Fireball (1971) and whose live version in Made in Japan (1972) is a must for any fan.


Of all this list of rock music with good sound of drums, you like some of the songs or think that some is missing, if so, do not hesitate to leave your favorite

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