Know the benefits of boxing

Boxing as a sporting activity demands a high level of athletic ability: speed, agility, endurance, strength, coordination and concentration, just to mention a few of the requirements. Boxing as a physical exercise allows anyone to perform well in this sport, without getting hit. So if you want to stay in shape and improve your overall health, you should probably sign up for boxing classes. Here are some of the benefits of boxing.

Learn about the benefits of boxing for non-boxers

Exercise your whole body

When you practice boxing you work almost all the muscle groups and it helps to develop more tension in the body. No other sport trains strength, endurance and coordination as much as boxing does. The arms are not the only parts that are worked, also the shoulders and the core. Since you have to dodge the blows continuously. As you get better at training, your reflexes develop faster.

Helps to lose weight

If your goal is to burn calories while working out, boxing is the perfect sport for you. Since it is a type of interval training. A boxing match lasts three minutes, followed by a one-minute break. When training with a partner you also work out in high and low intensity phases. If you want to practice on your own, you can design a training plan, scheduling the intervals and breaks on a clock or stopwatch. Changing the intensity increases the calorie burn.

You can practice it anywhere

Another benefit of boxing is that you can do it anywhere, whether at home, at the gym or at a boxing club. The advantages of practicing it in a club is that there is someone to guide you throughout your training according to your level of experience. The trainer can correct mistakes and give advice on how to improve. In many gyms, boxing is offered through classes, where it is combined with other forms of training, such as skipping rope.

Reduces stress

At the time of boxing, endorphins are released that help decrease your stress or depression. Within minutes of starting, you feel more calm and relaxed. Those people who include boxing in their regular exercise routine claim to be calmer and more relaxed in their daily activities or while working.

Reduces stress
Reduces stress

Increases self-esteem

Another benefit of boxing is that you become smarter overall. This is because you push your physical and mental limits while training, gaining greater confidence in your body’s ability. It gives you the feeling of being able to defend yourself against anyone, making you feel more confident and assertive on a daily basis.

Train your mind

Boxing is a sport that is not based solely on hitting. It requires a high level of concentration in order to anticipate the opponent’s attacks. With a regular training routine you will learn new tactics to activate concentration and focus on the opponent. Practicing boxing also develops the ability to persevere, even in difficult or demanding situations.

Know the benefits of boxing
Know the benefits of boxing


If you are one of those who gets bored practicing the same exercise routine every day, boxing is ideal for you. Since it has many variations, such as kickboxing, Thai boxing, martial arts, among others. Boxing gyms also offer the public this activity in combination with other classes, such as Pilates, dance, among others. This sport has also been adapted so that children can learn it.