How to recover deleted emails from Gmail?

Sometime we’re in our Gmail organizing all the emails and we just make the mistake of deleting an important one. This is a very common thing that can happen to anyone in their daily mail transit.

Many of these people tend to go nuts when they cannot find their precious important emails. Although there is a small solution that could avoid many bad times for all these people who still do not handle Gmail well.

To solve this little problem, we must first learn a little more about the Gmail email provider. Which has become one of the leading email services in the world in a very short time.

Its name comes from a simple abbreviation of, Google Mail, therefore its creator and provider are Google. Since its beginnings, it has always sought to provide the best service in emails, helping its clients in various ways.

It provides a first-class technical service, with quick attention that acts and looks for a way to help with each problem. Thanks to this it is possible to have a recycle bin, for example, where deleted files are stored.

Which can be recovered or moved from this folder to any other that the user wishes. Which makes it a very useful modality for the aforementioned; here we will quickly explain how to recover these emails.

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail?
How to recover deleted emails from Gmail?

How to retrieve an email from the Gmail trash

The first thing to take into account is that it will not always be possible to recover all the deleted files. It is something that will depend almost exclusively on the time that has elapsed since it was removed from any of your trays.

Despite this, you should not lose your composure, don’t give up, and try one of the ways that we will show you. Being able to recover a valuable document is of vital importance so pay attention to the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is search the trash:

In most Gmail accounts, the trash does not usually appear, so we will have to find it and make it available. Enter your Gmail account regularly; look for the configuration section, which is usually shaped like a gear.

You will be able to see a window with several tabs, each one opens a different section, here you will press the one that says “Tags“. It is there where you will see several options of the system that Gmail handles, among which you can select between hiding or showing the folders.

Among all the folders, more specifically the last is the “Trash” and next to it its respective option to display it. Clicking there and saving the trash can be seen on the left side along with the other trays.

What should be done with the “Trash” folder in Gmail?

In this folder is where we can find all the files that we ever delete by some mistake. But it should be noted that these files will be kept for only about 30 days in this folder, at most.

This is why time is of the essence if we want to recover our deleted files. In case you still have time, you just have to follow these steps:

  • We will enter our new section called “Trash” and we will look for the file that we have deleted.
  • Remember that if 30 days have passed, the file will not appear and we will not be able to recover it. If not, we should find it easily and quickly.
  • The last step is the easiest, you just have to check the box of your important document to select it. Finally, just look for the “Move” section and select the folder to which you want it to be moved.

If you’ve done all these steps correctly, you should have already been able to recover any files that you have deleted. But what about files that were deleted more than 30 days ago? Can’t they be recovered?

There is a high possibility that these emails are gone forever. But if we know the web well, we will know that everything that reaches the web can be recovered at some point.

This may be possible because the files are kept on huge servers that store thousands of data. When it’s removed, it’s not completely erased from the server, it becomes a pile of compressed and disorganized data, and yes, it can be recovered.

What should be done with the Trash folder in Gmail
What should be done with the Trash folder in Gmail

How to recover an email deleted more than 30 days ago in Gmail?

Gmail offers an incredible tool to manage all our emails. Even a way to recover files that have been deleted from the trash after more than 30 days have passed.

If you’ve already tried everything and can’t find the email you want, you can try the most efficient solution for this. Report the status of your account to the technical support service offered by Gmail, in this way you can locate your mail.

This solution shouldn’t be used very often, only in cases of extreme urgency. Remember that even though it is technical support willing to resolve a situation, it is your own mistake to let those 30 days pass.

There are two ways to do this, the first is to report the situation as your oversight and request the recovery of our mail. The second and the most efficient is to report alleging that someone else entered your account and deleted your files.

How to recover an email deleted more than 30 days ago in Gmail
How to recover an email deleted more than 30 days ago in Gmail

In case you use the second option, you will have to change the password of your account and contact the technical service. In any of the cases you must follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the Gmail technical support page from this link.
  • There you must fill out the form they request, respond according to the situation you are presenting. Make sure to put the date closest to which your messages were deleted.
  • After finishing, send the form to Gmail.

Depending on the time and day you have made your request, the technical service will answer you, they usually do not take almost anything. They will confirm if they can help you with your problem, after this your messages will be in your inbox already recovered.