How to make Google Doc available offline

Many people don’t have an application that can open and edit documents from their computer or phone. It may also happen that the program they have is not compatible with the most used documents.

Another common case is that you have an outdated program that can’t open a more recent document. All these problems were solved quickly with the online programs that Google made available.

The most famous one Google Docs, is based on a web application capable of opening and editing almost any document on the web. It keeps up to date with updates from the most essential publishing programs.

This is why it is one of the best solutions when opening a document from the web. The only drawback is that being an online program, you need to be connected to the internet to open and especially edit the documents.

Although there is a solution that can be used to open Google Doc documents without an internet connection. Google provided this solution currently; therefore, it does not have so much released time.

The incredible thing about this, is that it does not matter from where you open the document, with Google Doc you can view it from the browser. Now you can also have it available without any connection, to be edited and used as desired.

This option is available for both Windows and iOS computers, as well as for iPhone and Android devices. Giving rise to a good repertoire of editable files without the need to download and install any program or app.

How to make Google Doc available offline
How to make Google Doc available offline

What should I keep in mind before using Google Docs offline?

Mainly, this new Google functionality is added to your Google Drive. In this way it can be used independently if you have any operating system or mobile device, if you have internet, you can use it.

Although to use a Google Doc document offline, you must activate this functionality previously and with the internet. This means that every time you want to use any of these documents offline, you must first enable them.

This action will download the file in the cache of your computer or directly to your mobile device in which case you have activated it from there. In this way, you can use and edit these documents whenever and wherever you want without any connection.

After finishing and saving, you will simply have to look for an internet connection to update the file server. Activating the functionality of use without the internet in Google Doc files is different for each device, here we will show you how.

How to activate Google Doc function offline on PC?

Before activating the file without an internet connection, you have to use the Google Chrome browser. Search and install the Google documents extension offline, after this, it should be kept activated.

Now you just have to go to Google Drive, enter the configuration section, and check the box next to “No connection“. Where it says “Create files and open and edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files on this offline device.”

Make sure that when you do, you are connected to your Google account, in this way the function will synchronize with your other devices. Now let’s make the documents we have can be opened offline.

The first thing to do is open or create the file we want while we are connected to the internet. After opening it, we look for the option “File“, which is found in the menu of the bar that the text editor has.

A menu will open with multiple options regarding the document, among them, look for the one that says “Activate offline access.” At the moment of doing so, the document will be immediately added to the offline mode.

It will also be downloaded to any device where you have Google Doc or the Google Drive application. This action can be done in a slightly different way, with this way you will not need to enter the document.

Go directly to Google Drive and search for the document you want to use without an internet connection. Now without opening it, right-click on it and check the box that says “Available without internet” to be able to use this file offline.

How to activate Google Doc function offline on PC
How to activate Google Doc function offline on PC

How to activate the Google Doc function offline on my Android device?

Thanks to the fact that applications can facilitate many things, and Google Drive has all the tools to work offline. The first thing will be to save your document in Google Drive, as usual, this will save it on all your devices.

Now you just have to enter the Google Drive application from your Android device. The actions to be carried out are very similar to those that you can carry out from the PC, this is because they are files from the same website.

Once you find your document enter the application, you must press the three points it has to open its options menu. Right there you can see the box that says “Offline access” which you must check.

The document will be downloaded directly to your device and will be available offline. These files can be found in the Google Drive application, from its section where it saves all the files available offline.

The second option to activate the function from an Android device is with the Google Doc application. You just have to open a document and open the options menu found in the upper right part of the application.

When you open this menu, you will be able to view various options concerning the document, you will also see the option “Available offline”. Checking it will happen the same as with Google Drive, the file will be downloaded and you can open it without any connection.

How to activate the Google Doc function offline on my Android device?
How to activate the Google Doc function offline on my Android device?

How to activate Google Doc offline feature on my iPhone device?

For this, you just have to have the corresponding Google Doc and Google Drive applications. Which can be downloaded from the App Store, after this the actions are the same as those performed with Android.


How to activate Google Doc offline feature on my iPhone device
How to activate Google Doc offline feature on my iPhone device