How to get a job creating Video Games

Do you like the world of video games? If you are interested in developing and working on creating video games.

Do you want to work creating video games?

Video games have evolved significantly in their little more than 30-year history. From the beginnings of their productions that were presented with small pixels to the present time, in which their presentations can compete with the best cinematographic works.

Today they have become a means of entertainment for all ages thanks mainly to three factors: the new consoles have increasingly simple controls, the topics they deal with are very varied, and the irruption of exclusive games for smartphones.

Spain is among the 10 countries with the highest turnover in this industry. With this perspective, the number of people who are interested in working in the video game sector is increasing, as it requires a large number of professionals.

Video Game Works

We have listed some of the jobs and assignments so you can more easily choose your favorite field to work in.

How to get a job creating Video Games
How to get a job creating Video Games


Get a job designing video games

They are in charge of developing the scheme, the concept, the structure and the development. They help determine the appearance and shape of the game. They may start by developing a small sketch and, based on it, continue to develop more specific details for the game such as sound.

However, they do not decide what game is made or the story to be developed, they focus on the overall appearance of the game.

Get a job as a Video Game Developer

They translate the designer’s idea into a valid platform, taking care of the technical details. It is the programmers who perform this function, and we find them in various teams (engine, graphics, artificial intelligence, etc.). One of the most used programs in companies to create video games is the Unreal Engine.

They are those who develop the software that creates the video game for some platforms.

Jobs as a Graphic Designer or Artist

It takes care of the visual aspect of the game. It depends on them whether a video game calls our attention or not.

3D Computer Graphics Designer Works

It creates the image of the characters, scenarios, etc. in 3D, from the creations of the graphic designers. For the design of 3D games you must learn important tools such as Maya, to animate Zbrush, to moderate.

Works of image and sound technician for video games

They synchronize audios, music, etc. to give the video game maximum credibility. They are also in charge of the soundtrack, for which music studies are necessary.

Get a job as a video game quality auditor

Develops initiatives that minimize the risk of possible defects.

Find a job as a video game tester

It is related to quality control, and they do their job once the game is assembled but before it is released.

Find a job as a video game tester
Find a job as a video game tester


A wide range of possibilities in which you can train to work in the growing sector of video games.

Now you know how to get a job creating video games, so it’s up to you to study and learn everything related to the world of video games.
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