how to expand google drive storage

Learn to use Google Drive like a pro: this is what you need to know to get the most out of the Google cloud platform.

The Google cloud platform has become a must for all those who want to store their data and files on the Internet, and access them from anywhere.

Google Drive is already one of the most used platforms, and everything points to it continuing to grow.

Google Drive: how to upload files, download them, increase space and much more tricks and functions

If you haven’t given Google Drive a chance yet, this guide explains everything you need to know about Google Drive.

From its operation, to the process of creating an account and enter Google Drive, start using it and upload or download your files.

Google Drive how to upload files, download them, increase space and much more tricks and functions
Google Drive how to upload files, download them, increase space and much more tricks and functions



What is Google Drive, how does it work?

Google Drive is, broadly speaking, a cloud-based file storage service. Each Google user has a Google Drive that they can enter to store files, which will then be accessible through any device with an Internet connection.

Like other cloud storage platforms, Google Drive works as follows: when you enter the service, you have 15 GB of free storage that you can occupy with any type of file.

All documents and data are stored on Google Drive’s web servers, and will remain protected by your Google account password.

Besides allowing you to save files, Google Drive also offers other functions such as sending files to other people, editing them without leaving the platform or using it as a photo gallery thanks to its integration with Google Photos.

One of the great advantages of Google Drive is the possibility of collaborating in real time with other people when editing files.

This function makes the platform very useful in work or educational environments.

How to enter Google Drive and start using it

Starting to use Google Drive is extremely simple and, moreover, free.

Anyone with a Google account automatically has a Google Drive at their disposal.

To use it, you only need to enter Google Drive and log in to the platform. This can be done either from the official Google Drive website, or by using one of the mobile applications available on iOS and Android.

Once you have completed the login process on Google Drive, you can start uploading files, folders or documents of any kind on your drive, up to occupy the 15 GB offered by the platform totally free – later we will see how to get more space on Google Drive

How to upload files and save them on Google Drive

If you already have a Google Drive account, it’s time to upload your first files to be saved in the Google cloud.

You can do this from any device. On your computer, just open Google Drive in your browser and drag the files you want to upload from your computer to the browser window.

On your mobile, however, saving files to Google Drive is a little different. These are the steps you have to follow to do it:

Open the Google Drive app on your mobile

Go to the folder where you want to save the file you are going to upload.
Touch the “+” icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and choose the “Upload” option.

On the file selection screen, find and choose the document you want to upload to your Google Drive.
That’s it. When the upload process is complete, your selected files will be saved to your Google Drive, and you’ll be able to access them from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

How to create folders

How to create folders in google drive
How to create folders in google drive

Creating folders on Google Drive is one of the best ways to have a perfectly organized and clean drive.

On the computer, creating folders is as simple as selecting the “Create new folder” option with a right click on an empty space on our Google Drive.

On the mobile, to create a Google Drive folder you only have to follow a few simple steps:

Open the Google Drive app on your mobile

Go to the folder where you want to save the file you are going to upload.
Touch the “+” icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and choose the “Create folder” option.
Give your folder a name.
Now you can upload files to that folder, move documents from other folders into it or even convert it into a shared folder.

How to share or send files with other users

Like the vast majority of cloud storage platforms, Google Drive allows you to share folders and files with others.

To do so, you must get a link that you will then have to send, so that people with that link can enter to see the files, or even download them.

To do so, these are the steps you must follow:

Open the Google Drive app on your mobile

Find the folder you want to share or the file you are going to send.
Open the options menu of the file or folder through the three-point icon located in its lower right corner.
Choose the option “Share by link”.
Open the same menu again, and now touch the “Copy link” option.

You can now send the link to other people through applications such as WhatsApp, so they can access the folder or file you have shared.
Apart from that, there is an even easier way to share a file or folder on Google Drive. To do this, just open the options menu and tap “Share”.

Finally, enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite, and they will automatically have access to the document you have shared.

How to create and edit Google documents in Drive

Google Drive is a most versatile cloud tool, mainly because it integrates Google office automation apps.

Thanks to them, it is possible to create or edit documents without leaving the application, at any time and from any device.

This is what you have to do if you want to create a Google document through Drive:

Open the Google Drive app on your mobile

Go to the folder where you want to create the file.
Touch the “+” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
In the bottom row, choose which type of file you want to create: Google Document, Google Spreadsheet or Google Presentation.
Once created, you can start editing it without leaving the application. All changes will be automatically saved to Drive so you can continue working right where you left off, regardless of what device you are using to do it.

How to download and delete files stored on Google drive

You have already learned how to upload files, share them and create new ones. But what about downloading? Of course, Google Drive also allows you to download your saved files to store them locally, and thus have a copy on a physical device.

To download a file from Google Drive, just follow these steps:

Open the app or the web version of Google Drive.
Go to the folder where the file you want to download is located.
Open the file’s options menu from the three-point icon, and choose the “Download” option.
The file download will start, and once it is finished, the downloaded document will be available in the internal storage of your mobile or computer.

Also, if after downloading the file you want to delete it from Google Play to save space, you just need to go back to the folder where the file is located, select it -with a long press on it on your mobile, or with a right click on your computer, and select the option Remove.

Removing files from Google Drive does not completely delete them, but sends them to the trash in case you need to recover them in the future.

However, at any time you can empty the Trash to permanently remove the deleted files from Google Drive.

How to expand storage space on Google drive

Google Drive is one of the services that are part of the subscription to Google One, and although it is possible to use the platform completely free and enjoy the 15 GB that Google offers to all its users, you can also expand the space of Google Drive through one of its payment methods.

Next, we leave you with a table with all the prices of Google Drive and the advantages that each plan offers.



License sizeMonthly price
20 GB4,00 $3,00 €2,50 £350 ¥3,75 $4,00 $250 Rs
50 GB7,50 $6,00 €4,75 £650 ¥7,00 $7,50 $405 Rs
200 GB17,50 $13,50 €11,50 £1500 ¥16,50 $17,50 $945 Rs
400 GB35,00 $26,50 €22,50 £2900 ¥33,00 $35,00 $1890 Rs
1 TB89,00 $67,00 €57,00 £7300 ¥84,00 $89,00 $4805 Rs
2 TB179,00 $134,00 €113,00 £14.500 ¥167,00 $179,00 $9665 Rs
4 TB358,00 $268,00 €226,00 £28.900 ¥334,00 $358,00 $19.330 Rs
8 TB716,00 $535,00 €452,00 £57.700 ¥668,00 $716,00 $38.665 Rs
16 TB1430,00 $1068,00 €903,00 £115.100 ¥1333,00 $1430,00 $77.220 Rs

To access one of the Google Drive plans, just go to the Google One page, sign in with your Google account and select the plan that best suits your needs.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy more space on your Google Drive.