How to block emails on iCloud?

It has ever happened to all of us that our iCloud inbox is full of junk mail. It can also be full of spam, or someone who’s busy sending hundreds of emails a day.

This can become quite uncomfortable since at first, the emails don’t tend to bother. But everything changes when you have been receiving emails from people or companies that you have already rejected but continue to send them.

This is when the problem gets worse, normally the solution would be to delete these emails and wait for the messages to stop. But if you delete them, you will not ensure that that person or company also deletes your email, and will keep sending the emails.

Here we can help you prevent any email that you do not know or that you do not want to reach your inbox. We will teach you why this situation affects everyone and we will see the most efficient way to solve it.

Because iCloud has an incredibly efficient way to delete and block the emails that the user wants or needs. As long as they are emails that we do not want to see again, this action will be perfect for you.

How to block emails on iCloud
How to block emails on iCloud

The first thing we need to know is why a person would want to delete some email in their iCloud account. It happens that there can be many reasons why a person needs to block an email.

But what does blocking it consist of? Those who are already familiar with emails, know that even if you delete the email, messages will continue to arrive. Blocking it will cause all your messages to be completely deleted without you seeing them.

Reasons why we should block some emails on iCloud

Among the thousands of reasons that may exist, here we will introduce you to the most prominent ones worldwide:

  • Web page notifications: A very common case when browsing the Internet is the request for notifications. Many pages ask for permission to notify the user of new content and other products.
Reasons why we should block some emails on iCloud
Reasons why we should block some emails on iCloud

They are usually sent to the mail, and they do not usually bother, but the pages take advantage of this to send all kinds of messages. This is where you need to block these emails to avoid bad times.

  • Subscriptions: Every time we subscribe to a page we can have control over its notifications. The emails can be controlled in that case, but the situation changes when we cancel the subscriptions.

The page owners continue to send emails to our iCloud account but this time without our consent. It is one of their ways of marketing and that we re-subscribe, something that comes to displease.

  • Annoying relatives: Something very common is that we have a relative who sends messages of all kinds to our emails. Despite insisting these people do not stop sending their messages, a total block is a solution.
  • Virtual harassment: Thousands of things can happen here, from obscene people in search of unrequited pleasure to Cyber ​​terrorists. Just by opening an email from these people, you could be in danger of losing your personal information, so they should be blocked immediately.

Use iCloud tools and rules

ICloud has all kinds of tools that you can use to get rid of unwanted emails. One of the efficient ways is, using iCloud automatic filtering for spam.

Although this doesn’t 100% ensure that emails will stop reaching your inbox, it would simply send them to a different folder. But it makes a good first cutoff for any new threat you don’t want to see.

Use iCloud tools and rules
Use iCloud tools and rules

An option related to this is that you use the aliases that iCloud provides, this will facilitate the cataloging of spam. Use your normal email to talk to people of interest, family members, and well-known companies.

Use your email alias when you go to subscribe, register for pages, or make any type of online purchase. In this way, the emails that you really don’t want will fall directly to the specified folder.

These are all good options when avoiding these emails, but it is best to block them, and for this, a rule will be the best. Creating a rule will be the solution for all the emails that you really want to block forever.

Depending on how you do it, the rule can take the email you have entered and send it directly to your trash. An action that only takes a few minutes to do and will serve you for a lifetime, let’s see how it’s done.

Steps to block emails in iCloud

Steps to block emails in iCloud
Steps to block emails in iCloud

Based on the information we have acquired, we already know that blocking emails will automatically delete them, preventing us from seeing them. For this you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. To be able to block emails in iCloud we must enter the website, com and start to establish a rule.
  2. It can be done in two ways, directly from the email address, or from an open email. For this, we will open an email from the sender that you want to block.
  3. Click on “Show mailboxes“, the button is located above the list of messages, if it is activated do no action.
  4. Now, in options, we click on “Show action menu“, the icon can be found at the bottom of the folder list.
  5. From this section, we will click on “Rules” and on the following menu “Add a rule”.
  6. We add the criteria of this filter as: If a message is from.
  7. Now we enter the email we want to block, if we have the sender’s email open, it will be added automatically.
  8. Then, select “Move to trash” in the section: Later.
  9. Finally, click on “Done” as many times as necessary and you will finish configuring your new rule.
  10. Repeat this action for all the emails that you want to block in your iCloud account.

Now every email that arrives from the sender you blocked will be sent directly to the trash, where it will be automatically deleted. After a while, the sender will see the inactivity and will stop sending spam.