How to backup Mac?

It is very likely that at some point you will need to make a backup or backup to your Mac computer. Following the updates that are carried out constantly, you should know this subject.

Fortunately for many, Mac uses several really easy methods to back up your documents. But is having a backup strictly necessary? This is something that will depend on how important your information is.

Backups can be made as a prevention to keep your information safe. Cases can happen where something external ends up damaging your Mac computer, falling or hitting it, even some electrical failure.

How to backup Mac
How to backup Mac

In cases like this, a backup would suit us like a glove, so for practical terms, they are very indispensable. These copies can save mainly documents, music, videos, and images of the owner.

Depending on the type of backup you make, you can even save your entire operating system. This would include your files, your programs and applications, and the entire system along with your settings.

It is something that could save your life in almost any situation or problem that arises with your Mac computer. Making a copy is very simple, using the various ways that Apple offers to do it.

Of course, to make a copy you must first have certain instruments that will facilitate and help to make it. If you are already convinced to do so, keep reading this article where we will show you, step by step, how to make a backup on Mac.

Backup with Mac Time Machine

This is one of the best options to make your backup since it is a function built into your Mac computer. It allows you to make your copies in an automated way so that you can back up your personal information.

Among the things that you can backup are, images, videos, music, documents, and even your programs and applications. Being one of the most complete methods to make your backups in a short time.

If you want to use Time Machine to make a copy of your files, you just have to purchase an external storage device. This can be an external hard drive, after connecting it should be selected as a backup disk.

Backup with Mac Time Machine
Backup with Mac Time Machine

After doing so, Time Machine will automatically perform all the necessary backups in the required time. You can make this daily, weekly, or copies of the last month consecutively.

As soon as the memory becomes full, the program will delete the oldest copies to continue updating. Let’s see how you can turn an external hard drive into backup storage.

Steps to connect and select a backup device

The first thing to do is select which device you will use to create your backup. It can’t be just anyone, so you can choose one from the following list:

  • Mac external drive used as a USB or Thunderbolt drive.
  • A NAS, or network-attached storage, must be Time Machine compatible.
  • A shared Mac computer, to be the recipient of the copy.
  • An AirPort Time Capsule.

All these devices are directly compatible with Time Machine, this is strictly important so that the copies are saved correctly. Now it only remains to select this device, for this just follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Time Machine application, you can search for it among your applications or open it by pressing the CMD key in conjunction with the space bar. This will open the “Spotlight“, where you just have to write the name of the application and it will run.
  2. It’s time to connect the disk that you will use for the backup, remember that it has to be a disk with nothing inside.
  3. Now we will use the disk, when connecting it, Time Machine will immediately recognize it and ask you if you want to use it. Otherwise, you just have to look for it and select it; remember that you must always have the box that says “Encrypt backup disk” checked.
  4. After selecting the disk you will have to give it a security password followed by a hint of it. In this way, only you will have access to your backup when you need it, do not forget this password.
  5. Finally, click on β€œEncrypt disk”, in case the disk has a different format, the application will ask for authorization to delete everything.

In the end, you will receive a notification, now you can dispense with your backup every time your Mac has an unexpected problem.

What other methods can be used to backup Mac?

Certainly, Time Machine is the preferred method for Mac backups, because it comes pre-installed. But there are about three more methods that can be used efficiently to save your data.

What other methods can be used to backup Mac
What other methods can be used to backup Mac
  • Use iCloud Drive and cloud services:

This is a very practical method, as well as economical since you will not need any external storage. Best of all, any file that you save there, you can view from any of your Apple devices.

Just log in with your Apple ID and start uploading all your information to the cloud. This application allows you to store almost any type of information you need, you only need your account and some internet.

  • Use different applications:

Depending on the confidence you have in third-party applications, you can use any of these for your backup. On the web there are hundreds of applications to make this type of copy, using very different ways.

The functionality remains almost the same as Time Machine, with an external storage drive and quick selection. The difference will be that this application will not have the support of Apple since it will be from a third party.

  • Make a manual backup:

This is a bit less secure than when you backup with an app. At this point you just have to look for a storage device and select what you want to backup, copying it to the external disk.

It should be noted that if you want to have good results with this type of copy, the person must be very orderly with their files.