How to add an email account to iPhone?

Normally, setting up an iPhone device is very different from setting up any other mobile. This is because Apple has a different way of doing everything; this is also the reason why it is exclusive.

Both the software and the hardware of this brand are only used and compatible with devices of the Apple brand. Even the very act of configuring anything on an iPhone turns out to be different and exclusive to Apple.

But in the end, the only thing that this entails is the fact that users get confused and cannot configure their devices correctly. Here, we will show you everything you need to know to add an email to your iPhone device.

For this, the first thing to keep in mind is that there are two effective methods to add your email account. One of these methods turns out to be fully automated, to help people set up.

The other way to perform this task is manual, being a slightly more difficult configuration. You can choose any of the two methods to add your email; here we will find a way to make your work much easier.

A fundamental factor must be taken into account, and they are the updates and models that your iPhone has. Although the way you add your accounts doesn’t change much, it could get confusing for some people.

In the same way, we will also show the various ways to do it, regardless of the model or the update of your mobile device. Stick around to find out which way is best for you when adding your email.

How to add an email account to iPhone
How to add an email account to iPhone

Automated email setup

This setting is incredibly convenient for those with popular and well-known emails. For example, the accounts offered by providers such as iCloud, Google, Yahoo!

If you don’t know which electronic account providers are accepted by iPhone to add them automatically, don’t worry. You will be able to see them as soon as you enter the electronic account configuration screen on your iPhone.

Automated email setup
Automated email setup

To add automatically your email account, you just have to follow these simple and quick steps:

  1. Go to the settings or options section of your iPhone.
  2. Immediately after entering, click on “Mail“, find where it says “Accounts” and click on it to access.
  3. The next thing will be, click where it says, “Add accounts“, this will send you to a screen where you can choose your email provider.
  4. This is where you can check if your email account can be added automatically. This will depend on whether Apple has a good relationship with these account providers, and if so, it will appear on this screen.
  5. After selecting the provider you are using, you will only have to add your email along with the password. This password must be the same one with which you enter your electronic account.
  6. After verification, your mail will open inside the iPhone device; now select the information you want to synchronize. Among what you choose, you can find your contacts, calendar, and other utilities.
  7. Finally you just have to click save and you will have your email account added correctly.

If you follow the settings to the letter, you will achieve it in just a few seconds. In case you do not have an email from any of these providers to automate it, you only have to do it manually.

Setting up email manually

This way of adding your account is mainly intended for those who have few common providers. The process is a bit longer and requires a lot more information from the provider and account.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is know as much information as possible about your email provider. This task is very easy to do since most of the emails come with all the information that is needed to link them.

Setting up email manually
Setting up email manually

After having the information, you’ll only have to follow the steps that we will show you below:

  1. Repeat the first steps that are performed in the previous title, go to settings, click on the mail, and then on accounts. Now click on “Add accounts”, this is where everything changes if you don’t have an account with one of these providers.
  2. On this screen, you will click on “Other“, to be able to add an email account from a different provider. On the next screen, you must click on “Add an email account”.
  3. A kind of questionnaire will appear, next you have to complete it with the information related to your account. Add your name, the email address you will use, your password, and a description for that account.
  4. At the end, you just have to click next and the application will try to search for an appropriate setting for your account. When you find all the relevant settings, the app will let you know, you just have to press Accept.

If you do the steps correctly, your email will saved correctly, unless the application doesn’t find the relevant settings. In that case you will only need to add the settings manually, this is where your account information will be needed.


Add your email settings manually

This should only be done if your iPhone’s email app can’t find the necessary settings for your account. To do it manually, we recommend following these steps:

Add your email settings manually
Add your email settings manually
  1. The first thing will be to select between an IMAP and POP configuration, this is a piece of important information. Which you can find by contacting your email provider.
  2. Configure the incoming and outgoing mail server, for this, you need explicit information. You must know the hostname of your provider, its username and password. All this information is essential for configuration.
  3. After adding all the requested information, you just have to click on next; if the information is accurate, you’ll only have to save. In case it’s incorrect, the application will ask you to change it.

When you finish and save your settings, your account will be loaded correctly on your iPhone device.