how to add admins to facebook group

Facebook is the most important social network on the Internet and has many functions, such as Facebook groups that are created from a common interest, but you know how to manage it and add administrators

What are Facebook groups?

A Facebook group is a space within the social network where users can share common interests through comments, images, links, surveys, videos, etc. Without the need to be friends on the social network.

It is a good place where you can find out about your interests on X topic since the other members who belong to that group also feel identified with that topic to be discussed in the group so they will share information of your interest.

What are Facebook groups for?

  • Facebook groups can help you and be useful in many cases such as
  • Branding or brand positioning for your business or personal brand.
  • Helping your company to stand out in social networks.
  • It is a good place to answer and attend to the doubts of the members so that they have you as a reference in the matter.
  • Publish valuable information for the community.
  • Investigate the doubts, concerns of the members about the group’s subject matter and be able to take advantage of it for your marketing strategy.
  • You can improve the reach of your publications on the company page by sharing them in the groups.
  • An excellent place to network.
  • Get to know your target audience better.
  • It can also serve as simple entertainment.

Difference between Facebook group and Facebook Fan Page

What is the use of a Facebook group if I already have a Fan Page? Some of the above points can also be related to the question of what a fan page is for.

So now I want to tell you some of the differences between a Fan Page and a Facebook group.


On a Fan Page only the administrators and editors of the page can post and always with the name of the Fan Page, while on Facebook groups any member can do their bit with their profile name.


Facebook pages still have many advantages, but one of the aspects most punished by them is the limited organic reach of the publications made on it.

In Facebook groups the organic reach is much greater, thus being able to reach more people.


If the group is public, anyone can see the content and know what profile made that publication. If the group is private, only the members of the group can see it.


Groups cannot be advertised with Facebook Ads as they can with company pages.


Company pages are indexed by search engines, which is very good for your brand or business, which is not the case with groups.


In Facebook groups there is a better filtering to be able to decide which person can be valid to enter the group and thus bring value to the community, while with the Fan Page this does not happen.

Personal brand

Groups are a great way to strengthen or improve your personal brand since you publish with your personal profile (although there is also an option to publish with the fan page, depending on the group’s configuration) while Fan Pages publish with the name of the company.

Adding administrators to Facebook groups

To add administrators or moderators to your Facebook group you have to click on the ‘MEMBERS’ button that appears in the central menu of the group, below the header image.

how to add admins to facebook group
how to add admins to facebook group

Once inside, press the 3 horizontal buttons next to the profile you want to name as administrator or moderator and click on the option you want.