Forms of training for when you don’t have much time

One of the current problems in wanting to lose weight and stay healthy is time. We may be in a job that demands more than 8 hours a day or we may have to dedicate ourselves to family life. Therefore, the time we have for ourselves is limited and how can we do to have the ideal weight and enjoy good health? Here are some ways to train when you don’t have much time. They are effective, they burn calories and they are also fun.

These are some of the best forms of training for you

Jump Rope

Running or Jumping
Running or Jumping


It has been proven that jumping rope is one of the best forms of training for when you don’t have much time. This is due to several factors:

– It is an element that is economical and you can take it anywhere. It also takes up little space in your bag and you can jump almost anywhere.
– The movement of the rope makes your whole body work and your muscles get toned without the need for strenuous weight training.
– It has been proven that in half an hour jumping rope at a moderate pace, you can burn up to 450 calories.
– Not only will you lose weight, but you will also have a strong heart and improve your physical endurance. In addition, your legs will usually become toned and slender.
– Apart from the time factor, you can jump on any padded surface, even if you don’t have (barefoot) sports shoes.
– It is a fun form of cardio that has thousands of tricks to learn and thousands of nets to belong to.

Bodyweight App

Other forms of training for when you do not have much time are the applications for the Bodyweight. Currently, there are three outstanding ones: Home Workouts, Home Workout and Daily Workouts. In these you can find a series of exercises that you will do with your body weight or with homemade and light dumbbells. The best thing about these applications is that they allow you to set the time for training, from 10 minutes a day to the time you want. They are very useful and you can do the exercises at any time during the day, in your room or office.

Orbi Treck

This is an excellent investment, since you can use it for half an hour a day and burn a lot of calories. Some Orbi Treck models come with special videos with half-hour workouts that you can do comfortably from your living room at any time of the day. The advantage of Orbi Treck is that it works your whole body without any impact and is a lot of fun. It combines the advantages of the climber, the treadmill and the stationary bike in one place.

Elastic Bands and Abdominal Wheel


Elastic Bands and Abdominal Wheel
Elastic Bands and Abdominal Wheel

Another form of training for when you do not have much time is the abdominal wheel, accompanied by the elastic bands. Acquiring both elements will not represent more than $25, and you can take them anywhere. They are light and easy to carry and you can work your body from the park, your living room, the office or a hotel room. They’re perfect for when you don’t have time to go to a gym and they’re also fun.

Everything can be an exercise

If you really don’t have any time to concentrate on a particular exercise, there’s an old trick you can apply. “Everything can be an exercise” if we become aware of the movement. For example:

– If we are bathing, instead of bending down to soap our foot, we can pull it up towards us.
– If we carry our children, we can do it with a specific movement: they will have fun and we will be exercising in secret.
– If we have to clean or pass by, we can do it with a particular movement, breathing rhythmically.
– It may seem crazy, but it will make your daily tasks more fun and you will be working out more muscles than if you develop them automatically.