If you are an entrepreneur in any area, the most common thing is that you like to read about other companies, how they have been innovating or how to generate more income. You might also be interested in books related to optimistic thinking, mental organization, time and money management or emotional maturity so as not to succumb to obstacles.



Therefore, we recommend seven books that will generate better knowledge for your company and your spiritual evolution. If you do not have emotional maturity, you will not be able to take a financial project very far, because sooner or later it will fall into the hands of your bad decisions. Similarly, if you do not have practical knowledge, your project can be affected by clumsiness in the administrative area, for example.


These are the 7 Great business books for entrepreneurs


The black book of the entrepreneur

This is a book that has many suggestions about facing the world by being an entrepreneur. If you choose this lifestyle, you must be clear that uncertainty and insecurity will be your daily bread. Brilliant ideas usually pay dividends only if you are willing to work on them and not give up on them. This is a book that seeks to open your eyes to what you can face by being an entrepreneur and at the same time motivate you to do it.


The Lean Startup Method

A book in which you can analyze how other entrepreneurs continuously innovate to succeed. The author describes the strategy proposals that have worked for himself and his company and helps others who are starting to not stop and invest energy in the right strategies.

Darwin’s challenge

According to this book, the author analyzes the possible relationship between the laws of nature and the business world. Darwin was a scientist who said that the strongest and most adaptable organisms to the environment are those that survive the longest. For this reason, the book seeks to analyze this premise in depth and relate it to how difficult it can be to undertake on many occasions.

The blue ocean strategy

This book opens the eyes of new entrepreneurs who are looking to start businesses successfully but do not want to repeat themselves or compete with companies that are already consolidated in traditional areas. Therefore, there are spaces that have not yet been explored in business and that are catalogued by this author as “blue oceans”.

From Zero to One

This book is in charge of opening the eyes of new entrepreneurs and trying not to repeat the innovations made by people like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, for example. It is a book that seeks to open the mind to try to find what has not yet been done instead of repeating something that already exists and having a business of little success.

Measure What Matters

This is one of the best sellers in New York and seeks to provide entrepreneurs with the business rules to organize themselves for success. It tries to divide what is more important when opening a new business from what is not. Likewise, it allows the analysis of companies that have been growing exponentially over the years.

How to win friends and influence people

This is a fairly old book written in 1936, but it is still the bible of many business men and women around the world. It consists of the psychological strategies that should be employed to attract and keep the customers we have in our company. Through simple steps in its chapters, the author seeks to open our eyes to gain greater friendships and influence people.