10 Exercises for training with elastic bands

The use of elastic bands is sometimes greatly underrated. It is left to those who have no possibility of going to a gym or who are just starting to exercise and picking up weights, bars or making machines seems too demanding.

Today we bring you a complete routine of 10 exercises to work the whole body with elastic bands.

Rubber bands have some advantages that make many people, even people advanced in training, should include in their routines:

– Easy transport: they take up very little space and weigh little for the resistance they can offer.

– Exponential resistance: the more stretched the rubber is, the more resistance it makes, so that with the same rubber we can work at different intensities depending on whether we are stretching more or less.

– Variety of grips: they adapt to our body as we can step, push or pull them with our hands or feet, around the body, hips, etc.

– CORE work: not having a guide or trajectory of movement closed as they have the gym machines in which the beginning and end of the exercise is clearly marked make it necessary to control the correct path and this plays an important role CORE.


Today we bring you a complete routine of 10 exercises to work the whole body with elastic bands. You can do it from home but as we said before it is a very interesting complement to include in your gym routine if you only work with weights. You can do it in circuit for example 3 rounds of 10 repetitions in each exercise:

Exercises for training with elastic bands
Exercises for training with elastic bands



1.- First exercise with elastic band : THRUSTER

it is important to find a tension that allows us to make the movement correctly, if necessary take a rubber band with each hand.


2.- Second exercise with elastic band : JALΓ“N HOLLOW

Once the pull is finished, when the hands are at the height of the hip, we must make a small “crunch” with the abdomen. The lumbar area should

3.- Third exercise with elastic band : Gluteus Kick

Your neck should be in a neutral position (do not extend it too much), back straight and bring your leg as far back and up as possible without moving your hip.

4.- Fourth exercise with elastic band : REMO GIRONDA

make yourself conscious of contracting your dorsal muscles well. You will find that you also have a strong activity in the CORE to hold the position.


5.- Fifth exercise with elastic band : OVERHEAD SQUAT

You can regulate the intensity of the rubber giving it more or less tension, taking it double, etc.

6.- Exercise with Elastic Band : CHEST PRESS LUNGE

first do the arm push, then do the lunge. Do half with one leg forward and the other half change legs.

7.- Seventh Exercise with Elastic Band : DEADLIFT BALANCE

you can vary the grip of the rubber. The tighter you have it and the more flexed your support leg is, the more intense the exercise will be.

8.- Eighth Exercise with Elastic Band : UNGE TWIST UP

focus on making the movement wide, lean hard with your foot and extend your arms well.

9.- Ninth Exercise with Elastic Band : GOOD MORNING

You can put the rubber band around your neck or hold it with your hands.

10.- Last exercise with elastic band: CURL FEMORAL

Place the rubber band on your ankle so that it does not move and does not bother you.


We hope it will help you and that you will use it to complete your routines!

Come on, cheer up, geek , improve your physical condition, turn on the music and train